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Samuel Romero – Earth Heart Hum Part 1

In the words of Samuel himself “Music, art for that matter has the power to heal. It is an inner voice, a reservoir of creativity that is inexhaustible. Being musical is not about the skill or having extraordinary technical abilities, it is about having an intimate relationship to that urge within everyone to create. Being artistic is a natural state of being. It is taking life itself and giving back to it – a harmony. Earth Heart Hum was born once this realization began to feed everything I created. Every art piece, every song, every poem came from this emanating instinct to create and trust that what comes is a sincere expression of what need be expressed.” Pick up your copy of Earth Heart Hum on January 30th here!

Chersea and Cowpuncher – My Heart Is A City

Cody had the opportunity to head up to the Peak Performance Project in August 2015 to help record some really great bands alongside the amazingly talented Shawn Cole (Dr.Boss). One of the songs they recorded was written collaboratively by Chersea and Cowpuncher, and it actually placed second in the songwriting competition! Check it out!

Scream or Sugar – Jesus Saves EP

Here’s another fun project coming out of the Fiend universe. Michael, Ben, and Cody had a blast making this one for your earholes. 95% Michale Graves (Misfits) and 5% Beachboys, take a listen and pick up a copy for yourself!

SingItFwd Live

Cody got the opportunity to do a mix of a live version of The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer‘s “Sweat This Pain” from this year’s SingItFwd. Take a listen to this track and all of the other amazing artists that took part on their bandcamp!

New TYX Single “Jackals”

We had a very friendly, super talented, three piece Vancouver band come by the studio for a few days and this is what happened. So much imagination and energy coming from these guys. Check them out here!