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Chersea and Cowpuncher – My Heart Is A City

Cody had the opportunity to head up to the Peak Performance Project in August 2015 to help record some really great bands alongside the amazingly talented Shawn Cole (Dr.Boss). One of the songs they recorded was written collaboratively by Chersea and Cowpuncher, and it actually placed second in the songwriting competition! Check it out!

Scream or Sugar – Jesus Saves EP

Here’s another fun project coming out of the Fiend universe. Michael, Ben, and Cody had a blast making this one for your earholes. 95% Michale Graves (Misfits) and 5% Beachboys, take a listen and pick up a copy for yourself!

SingItFwd Live

Cody got the opportunity to do a mix of a live version of The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer‘s “Sweat This Pain” from this year’s SingItFwd. Take a listen to this track and all of the other amazing artists that took part on their bandcamp!

New TYX Single “Jackals”

We had a very friendly, super talented, three piece Vancouver band come by the studio for a few days and this is what happened. So much imagination and energy coming from these guys. Check them out here!

Ursidae Releases “One Year Long” EP

We’re really proud of this EP! Produced, engineered and mixed by Cody of Fiend Recordings, “One Year Long” by ursidae is the musical equivalent of floating in a lunar Sea of Tranquility; no matter how chaotic the cosmic forces are that surround my metaphorical space-dinghy.. Carolyn’s voice cuts through the ether, anchoring everything in place. A true labor of love, in the most classic sense of the phrase..please, have a listen! Our personal favourite is “Elle”.

Ben Rowley Releases Waveracer

Almost 3 years in the making, Ben Rowley‘s “Waveracer” is an amalgamation of heartfelt, soul-searching introspection and balls-to-the-wall, non-apologetic, psychedelic seduction. Ben’s lyrical craftsmanship and impeccable musical ability gives this album a truly authentic and personal touch, whilst also pushing the boundaries on what pop-sensible songwriting can encompass. Recorded in multiple studios, with a multitude of different gear and musical toys, Ben and Cody, along with lots of other Fiend friends, spent countless hours toiling away on this musical journey. Please take some time and enjoy the magic that is “Waveracer”.

Ben Rowley Releases “The Right Choice/Stations”

About two years ago Cody and Ben set out on a journey to create Ben’s solo debut album ‘Waveracer’. While recording anywhere and everywhere that we could, our goal was to create music that stayed true to Ben’s vision, while having fun every step of the way. Ben and Kale Beaudry created this video, and we hope you’ll make the right choice and watch it, or else Ben got banned from the mall for nothing. Keep an eye out for Ben Rowley and his upcoming releases.